Dudley Puppy

He is a half Dude half agent i think

Although he's still just a pup, Dudley's got the heart of a pack of full-grown dogs. Reared on his mother's strict morals -- "Good dogs tells the truth, never take what doesn't belong to them and never chew their butts in public" -- he is born to stop all badness and meanness in its tracks! Now if only he could figure out how to follow that last rule...

Though chasing bones may excite him more than chasing bad guys, Dudley Puppy gives all he's got to keeping the streets of Petropolis crime-free. That doesn't mean things always go smoothly. Dudley's a loose cannon and he's got a way of messing things up before he fixes them. That's why the Chief paired him up with his purrfect partner, Kitty Katswell. Together they're bringing D.O.O.M. down, one thug at a time.

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